Saturday, November 20, 2010

How Do I change Brake rotors on Cavalier?

I have a 01 Cavalier with 155,000 miles and it vibrates when I step on brakes that I just replaced. Most folks sey its the rotors. Is it an easy job? Its a 2.2 L engine. Most shops want hundreds of dollars to do this job. Advance Auto Parts has them for 32.00. So please tell me it can be done without major tools and other complications. Thanks, MikesHow Do I change Brake rotors on Cavalier?
You gotta take off the tire, brake caliper and the caliper bracket(2 screws in the back) . The Rotor should slide off because the caliper bracket and caliper hold the rotor in place. It might also be held on by some screws. The screws are easy to strip so I recommend using an impact gun. I think cavaliers don't have the screws on the rotors.How Do I change Brake rotors on Cavalier?
What they said, and buy some brake cleaning spray to clean the protective oil off the new rotors, or the pads will glaze and won't work. You can use your pads you just put on too, no problem.How Do I change Brake rotors on Cavalier?
This is a very easy task ! Go to advance and buy a HAYNES AUTO MANULE, it has step by step procedures. Take your time,be sure car is on jack stands and not a stock car jack ! Hope this helps ,, good luck !!