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How do i get the rotors off a 1996 chevy caprice?

I am in the middle of changing the brakes on a 1996 chevy caprice. It is my grandmas car and the brakes have never been changed in the 10 years she has has the car. the rotors are pretty much stuck on and i have no idea how to get them off. do i have to remove a bolt or something?How do i get the rotors off a 1996 chevy caprice?
Grease cap, cotter pin needs to be removed. Large nut on spindle needs to be removed. It would be best to buy a cheap manual if your going to do the job yourself. If you doubt your ability to do this job, then do NOT.

The entire wheel with rotor could fall off if you make a mistake when reinstalling the rotor. Better safe than sorry.How do i get the rotors off a 1996 chevy caprice?
1)remove the caliper

2) remove the dust cap in the center of the rotor.

3) take out the cotter pin

4) unscrew the hex nut and pull out the outer wheel bearing

5) after that pull the rotor and hub assy off the spindle

6)Then remove the inner brg and seal

7) turn or replace rotor and reverse the

How tricky is it to do a brake job on a 2000 Ford F250 4x4?

I want to know about changing just front pads and rotors on this truck. I've only worked on older cars (1979 and earlier), and I've never done a brake job on anything that had ABS or that was 4 wheel drive. Are there any special tools or procedures I need to be aware of?

I'm trying to help someone out and save them some money by doing the work myself instead of sending them to a mechanic. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks.How tricky is it to do a brake job on a 2000 Ford F250 4x4?
I probably shouldn't be telling you how to do this job, but here it goes. Jack up and support the front of the vehicle, making sure the rear wheels are blocked safely. Remove all eight 21mm wheel nuts on both front wheels. Remove the wheels. Turn front wheels fully to the left. Remove the two 17 or 18mm caliper bolts. Remove the caliper, taking care not to let the caliper hang by the flex hose. You make need to unclip the wheel speed sensor harness from the flex hose clips. With a long johnson bar and 1/2%26quot; drive 21mm socket, loosen and remove the two 21mm brake caliper bracket bolts. Remove the caliper bracket with the brake pads. Using one of the old brake pads and a pair of channel lock pliers, compress BOTH caliper pistons evenly, until both pistons are bottomed out. With a suitably sized hammer, smash the brake rotor off the hub. Clean the hub surface with sandpaper, and apply a light coat of anti-seize to the hub. Install new brake rotor, and secure rotor to hub temporarily with two wheel nuts. Reinstall the caliper bracket with the new pads and anti-rattle clips. Reinstall the brake caliper. Turn wheel all the way to the right, and repeat entire procedure described. Once all is done, PUMP THE BRAKE PEDAL BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO MOVE IT. Torque wheel nuts to 140 ft.-lbs. You do not need to disturb anything with the 4x4 system, or ABS for this job. Nor are any special tools required. Hope this helps.

Rotor Question-PLEASE HELP!?

I've basically worn my brake pads down to the bone; my car makes a pretty loud grinding noise everytime I brake, although I haven't noticed any %26quot;spongy%26quot; feeling in the brake pedal or shaking in the wheel. I don't even have to press the brake pedal all the way to the floor when I brake.

I know I need new brake pads, and my dad insisted that I needed new rotors too due to the metal-on-metal grinding, but I just looked at the rotors and they look pretty good! There is some rusting on the outside edges and in a few other patches, but no deep grooves. The rotors kind of look like records-you know, those strange old things that grandmas and grandpas used to listen to. I couldn't check their thickness, but I've never had these ones machined before, so I think they should be in pretty good shape.

My working knowledge of cars is generally pitiful, but I'm pretty sure that I can figure out how to change my brake pads on my own.

So my questions are

A) Can I change my brake pads myself and leave the rotors as they are without any dire consequences?

B) If I take the car to a mechanic to have the pads changed, do they normally machine the rotors when they change the pads as a part of the service? One place quoted me about $160 to change the brake pads, but I forgot to ask if machining is included and now its too late to call back.

C) Can I save money if I just change my own pads, then take the rotors to a mechanic to machine? If so, what would the general cost be for my two front rotors?

Also, I drive a '98 Ford Explorer, 2WD (I'm pretty sure its rear-wheel).

Thanks for any input!Rotor Question-PLEASE HELP!?
It's dire because none of us can measure or inspect the rotors. The rotor friction contact surfaces must be flat and parallel and measure above the discard thickness. Any auto-parts can tell you what the minimum allowable thickness is. You can measure the thickness with a 0-1 micrometer or a vernier caliper. Prepare to be hozed if they want to sell you rotors. Inquire how much they are and where they were made. Off-shore brake rotors can be purchased at any auto parts-store for less than $35.00. Thy are made of terrible quality of cast iron. This is a wake-up call cause chain brake shops, private mechanics and new car dealerships install these cheap rotors and charge you premium prices for what you could by the best brands for.Rotor Question-PLEASE HELP!?
Whenever u do brakes u should either cut the rotors or heave then replaced the pads need a new surface to wear into or else the won't last Long and since it's an explorer it would be cheaper to just replace them I charge45 to cut when neW ones are only 25 eachRotor Question-PLEASE HELP!?
Ok, here's what I would do. Yes, you can change them yourself. Get your pads from Kragen's/Checker/Schuukcs(my favorite). Most of the do rotor and drum machining for something like $10. Buy the lifetime pads they sell for like $30. Have them show you as they measure the rotor thickness if they tell you that you need new ones. The %26quot;record grooving%26quot; you mention could go either way as faras needing new rotors. Some brand new rotors do not come factory thick enough to be machined even once. It all depends on the mfgr. And, it being a 98, how many brake jobs were done prior to now?Rotor Question-PLEASE HELP!?
yes it is rwd or 4 WD

i just replaced rotors on the same basic truck

the rotors can be had for around $30 a piece

call your local parts store (pep boys ,murrays, ETC)

there are 2 bolts that hold the brake caliber to the rotor get the proper tool at the same time

it takes about 45 min with simple hand tools

save yourself a few bux and buy a chiltons book and fix it yourself its really not so hard

you will also need a C clamp to compress the caliber once you have it apart

i am believeing there will be visable wear on the inside of the rotor

hope this helpsRotor Question-PLEASE HELP!?
A) you could do it yourself with a little bit of knowledge, but your rotors DEFINANTLY need replacing, rotors are suppose to be smooth, not grooved like records

B) if the rotors are still withing spec, they can be machined down, but if you ground them under their specs, they'll need to be replaced. if they're charinging $160, they should be machining the rotors then, or else that's just a very expensive pad replacement

C) like i said, you can do it yourself, but there's a lot of things that could go wrong, i would recommend you take it to a mechanic. they'll have all the tools for the job, so you dont have to go out and buy extra stuff that you probably wont use ever again just for one job

and it is a RWD car ;)Rotor Question-PLEASE HELP!?
If brake rotors look like records you will wear you new pads out pematurely. The thickness of the rotor wether it looks good or not is going to make or break wether or not they can be machined.

If you take them to a decent shop/mechanic they won't turn them unless they measure above spec.

$160 to change pads sounds like includes machine work if applicable.

What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?

I have a 1984 Ford F-150 truck with a 302 V8 engine in it. 5.0L.

Anyway, how do I know if i need new spark plugs? I changed the distributor cap and rotor pin because they were all messed up but the sparks and wires i am not sure about. I have the plugs now but I dont want to change them if they dont need it. What will the truck do if the sparks in it are bad?What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
it will be kind of hard to start,and will run a little sluggish,it may also loose power a lot,and not like going over hills real good,it will run weak all the time,usually when an engine is right they start up real fast,and run extremely good,id at least check the plugs in it to see if they was gaped right,if the gap gets too large in them they will use a lot more gas,good luck on it.What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
Hi raven,

Just take out the spark plug and see the condition and follwow the link..which will give out a good idea about the aprk oplug condition.To check a sparkplug and wire condition just pull out a Splug and connected to the connetor and get it touch with a earth like engine block or any unpainted nut and ask your helper to crank the engine ,the sparkplug should give out a blue spark.if it is yellow the parkplug may be bad.

In your case since it is a 1984 vehicle you better change the spark plug wires and spark plugs..which will make a complete tuned vehicle.All the best.



BahrainWhat are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
Change them now. You have already done 1/3 of a tune up already. You may find them to look bad when you remove them.

Rough running and bad gas mileage and horse power lose are some symptoms.What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
Misfire (miss), poor performance, bad gas mileage, black smoke on occasions... But for a ford owner, none of this is new.What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
they should look pretty clean, normal. not worn, melted, electrode or any part of the plug dammaged. but most cars will have a carbon deposits on them.What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
It's not that difficult, go ahead and do it one day when you are bored.What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
change them every 10-15 k miles regardless . You could pull one out and look at it . Usual symptoms could be rough idle, poor gas mileage , poor acceleration ,and poor throttle response .etcWhat are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
Put the new spark plugs in the truck if you have them already, you may need wires too. Usually when you have problems with spark plugs or any other part of the electrical firing system, the car will lose power when put under a load ( going up hill, etc. )What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
If they have been in for more than 10000 kms just change em with your leads.You will find it will run better and get a little bit better fuel milage.......But if you wanna check em,pull the plugs out one by one and see if they have a correct gap between the tip and the diode...Normally there is a plate under the bonnet specifieng the gap...Check to make sure the plug sint melted or all black.It should be a greyish brownish colour.

Cadillac Change Brake Pads light...?

I might be purchasing a 1999 STS tomorrow and this light is on.

He said he changed the brake pads (turned rotors also), you can clearly see they are new, from a local mechanic. He said the mechanic told him he has to go to the Cadillac dealership to get the light turned off.

If I do decide to buy it, how do I solve this problem?Cadillac Change Brake Pads light...?
This is a simple fix just bleed the brakes too reset the switch. try Google for procedures. good luck.Cadillac Change Brake Pads light...?
possibly bleeding the brakes might help. Also, disconnect the battery for 5 or 10 minutes to reset the computerCadillac Change Brake Pads light...?
A cadillac dealer can reset the light for you.
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  • How to change brake pads on a 2003 mazda 6?

    I just recently bought a 2003 Mazda 6 with 25,000 mile on it. I notice that there is a slight sqeeke when I break and would like to change the pads now before they wear the rotor. I first thought about going to the shop but the idea of spending $150.00 per axal is appalling (especial when you consider that a set of pads for the front and another for the back only cost a total of $40.00). I also own a 1997 Mazda 626 and have done the front brakes on it a number of times. What I needed to know is is there any difference between changing the brakes on the old one versus the new one. Are there any special tools I need? Are there any free online resources for repair and maintanance? I tried to find a Chiltons or a Haynes at my local auto store but they don't have one for a Mazda 6. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I plan on doing the brakes today so that I may take a road trip this weekend. ThanksHow to change brake pads on a 2003 mazda 6?

    That site, and have all the information you will ever need for your car.How to change brake pads on a 2003 mazda 6?
    No, brake pads technology hasn't changed. You could probably follow the same procedures you did on you 1997.

    The only special tools are what it takes to remove the calipers. Some use Torques, other allen, I prefer just the regular bolts but you'll have to take the wheel off to see what was used.

    Yeah, the Mazda 6 is too new to see anything on line too. (sorry)

    Autozone has put out a great set of manuals for all older vehicles that you can get online now.

    (ie for your 97 Mazda)

    However like I said most brake systems haven't changed much and replacement has been done in the same fashion.How to change brake pads on a 2003 mazda 6?
    It is the same process for changing the pads on any car. What you are primarily paying for with brake jobs is labor. Yes, the parts are $40, but that means you are being billed $110 for labor, and since the standard labor rates for mechanics are around $60 an hour, that's about two hours work, which is about right.

    87 honda civic control arm and ball joint change?

    i need to know how to change the control. i have tire caliper and rotors off. and the ball joint is dissconnected because it broke. if anybody has an idea please let me know87 honda civic control arm and ball joint change?
    You will need a fork tool to pop the ball joint out. It looks like a long tuneing fork with a handle that you hit with a hammer.87 honda civic control arm and ball joint change?
    It's simple, just unbolt it.